Reforestation Project Launching by Chief Minister of Pahang

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29 January 2024, Tersang, Raub – The Chief Minister of Pahang, YAB. Dato’ Sri Haji Wan Rosdy bin Wan Ismail, inaugurated the Reforestation Project within the Permanent Reserve Forest of Pahang Darul Makmur State today, covering an expansive area of 20,303.27 hectares. The Project is spearheaded by Amat Bayu Sdn. Bhd.

YAB Dato’ Sri highlighted that Amat Bayu Sdn. Bhd. has been entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing reforestation efforts in the state for the next 60 years. In his address at the launch, he expressed hope that this initiative would set a commendable precedent for reforestation project management in Pahang, aligning with current regulations. The project is anticipated to positively impact local socio-economic development by generating employment opportunities for residents and stimulating the Raub district’s economy.

Amat Bayu aims to position Pahang State as a Bio-Refinery Hub, facilitating the implementation of a circular economy for the Biomass industry. With this Project, Amat Bayu will also develop a facility to produce high-quality wood pellets from chips and wood waste. These wood pellets have the potential to become a renewable energy source to meet export demands from foreign countries. Additionally, they will cater to future energy needs and domestic landscapes in the state of Pahang and throughout Malaysia.

Our long-term plan is to establish a biomass power plant with a consistent supply of wood waste sourced from our sustainable reforestation management based on this circular economy. This vision serves as a cornerstone that will bring us closer to achieving the nation’s energy transition goals and net zero carbon emissions target.