Our Services

Project Investment

We identify attractive projects, specialized in realization and investment opportunities in renewable energy projects across the regions.

Project Development

We ensure successful deliverance of energy projects by navigate through the challenges in all development stages including site survey, acquisition, planning, financing and realization of the project to maximize the success of your solar investment.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning

Offer full range of EPC services, helping you to procure materials, design and build your project to the highest standards, with competitive pricing, and the best customer service.

Project Management

Provide support at every step from developing solution concepts, and delivering initial economic and feasibility studies through to defining and implementing engineering design, construction, commissioning, handover and operation.

Operation & Maintenance

24/7 monitoring, advanced data analysis technology , transparent reporting, regular communications and expert commercial advice to ensure optimised yields for your plant.

Technical Consultation

Bring extensive engineering expertise across all technical areas, including civil, electrical, power systems to ensure your project will be delivered on time with the best standard and quality.

Venture Capitalist

Help to build all core capabilities from product to talent, to advise executive teams, accelerating their ability to sell to new customers, capture opportunity, and realize value.

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